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Acclaimed author, speaker, and business consultant Jonathan Slain is ready to reveal to business-minded leaders across the country how with enough forethought, any company can prepare for, thrive during, and create wealth after downturns.

Whether working with entrepreneurial niche/specialty firms or large corporations the direction and insight Jonathan positions businesses to advance to levels they dream about often, but rarely achieve on their own. He has been featured on Fox Business, Cheddar, Yahoo Finance and Forbes, sharing insights and advice for entrepreneurs across the globe.

In this Q&A, Jonathan shares some of the details he covers in his keynotes sessions.

Rock the Recession is about helping entrepreneurs “recession-proof their business” –what does this mean and what is your definition of a recession?

My definition of a recession is when the economy or your business goes downhill for an extended period of time. Recessions aren’t just about what’s going on in the US economy or the world economy, if your business runs out of cash, you’re in a recession regardless of what’s going on in global politics, global weather patterns, whatever!

To be recession proof means that you’ve mitigated your risk in a downturn as much as possible. You’ve also hedged your bets so that you can survive (and maybe even thrive) when times are tough.

What areas of business do you think entrepreneurs struggle with most?

Accountability and Complacency! First of all, entrepreneurs, by nature, don’t like to be held accountable. They don’t often like to be “tied down” to complete objectives (even if they are setting them for themselves!) And, entrepreneurs don’t often like to hold others on their teams accountable because they don’t like to be held accountable, so they tend to project this preference onto their direct reports.

And, right now, with the economy passing a decade of growth, entrepreneurs are getting complacent. It’s easy to do when we’ve had a tailwind at our backs for so long. Easy to take our foot off the gas and get comfortable and over-confident after such a long period of success.

What is the number one thing entrepreneurs should do today to strengthen their financial future?

A strong balance sheet is most important, and CASH IS KING. There is no substitute for this advice. If you have cash, you have options.

What are some key takeaways entrepreneurs and business managers should walk away with after attending one of your keynote sessions?

Creating a recession plan now, in the cool, calm, rational light of the day is better than trying to create a plan when it’s the heat of the night and things get emotional.If you want to look forward to the next recession, hoard cash now!

If you want the next downturn to provide big opportunities, do your homework now to research the right assets and companies to purchase when the recession hits. Once a downturn is here, it’s too late to start looking for deals because those who prepared will have already snapped them up!

Want to learn more? Jonathan Slain is available for your next event! In a single 40-75 minute Rock the Recession leadership session, your audience will discover the critical questions that need to be examined in order to turn what most might be scared of, fearful for, or outright panicked about, into well thought out decisions that can make the difference between leading a business toward going bust or accelerating its profitability, no matter the economic climate.

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