In recent news, many economists are worried we may face a recession by the end of 2021. While people typically associate recessions with widespread economic downtown, recessions can occur for businesses at any time despite the status of the general economy. It’s never too late (or early!) to prepare your business for financial hard times. Here are 5 ways to recession-proof your business now:

1. Understand Your Expenses

Analyzing how your money is spent will help you understand discretionary expenses from fixed expenses, which is critical to being able to survive a recession. Allowing yourself to decipher your business needs from wants will not only allow you to save money but will start you on the path to success. Being able to cut spending during economic struggles will help your business survive and thrive during a recession.

2. Pay Off Debt

Debt payments can hang over your head and haunt you until they are paid in full. Getting rid of your debt plays a major role in protecting your business from another recession. To get a jump start on keeping your finances safe, it is important to keep track of income and expenses. Putting a plan in place to pay off debt now will offer your business flexibility whena recession does occur.

3. Keep Watch on Financial News

The more you stay connected and educate yourself, the better prepared you will be. Historical trends are also smart to keep an eye on. Having some perspective in the market can be huge for you and your financial stability and will also allow you to feel more confident when faced with a financial struggle.

4. Continue Networking

Although things may be comfortable and secure now, it’s important to keep the future in mind.It is imperative to continue to have new professional connections and ties to businesses that may help you in a time of need. If the economy decreases dramatically, business colleagues and associates may be the key to getting back on your feet.

5. Work with a Strategic Planning Consultant

Invest in a strategic planning consultant. After completing a full analysis of your business, they will help you identify and understand areas of weakness and opportunity. A strategic planning consultant will help implement strategies to make changes and shifts that will contribute to the ongoing growth of your company.

While these 5 steps are a great way to get started, there is a lot more that can be done to recession-proof your business.We are here to help. At Rock the Recession, we are determined to steer you free from the stress of a recession. Contact us today to learn how our team can set your business up for financial success!


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