Your audience can actually look forward to and thrive during the next recession, if they plan accordingly! Recession experts Jonathan Slain and Paul Belair are helping savvy entrepreneurs make plans now—they are the ones looking forward to purchasing failing companies and hiring top talent when others will be caught unprepared by a recession. And, authors of the new book, Rock the Recession, Slain and Belair can get your audience ready to pounce, too.

Slain and Belair will reveal to your audience concepts and strategies designed to propel their business ahead of the competition 10X and prepare their business for the responsibilities that come with such a boost. They’ll also include valuable insights and perspectives relevant to each organization’s recession forecast, including: Advanced Recession Planning, Blue Ocean Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions, Exit Planning, Financial Deep Dive, and Succession Planning. Engaging speakers who will provide valuable takeaways, Slain and Belair can also discuss:

  • Recession does not just mean economic downturn
    • If you lose your biggest customer, you’re in a recession
    • If your five best employees leave and form a competitor, you’re in a recession
    • If your partner embezzles from you, you’re in a recession
  • Understanding the concept of “Pouncing” from a position of strength during a recession
  • Five questions to ask to assess where you are today in your recession readiness
  • Jonathan’s Family Life Plan: To Retire by 50!
  • How to never borrow from your in-laws again
  • How Paul achieved an American dream exit by using his Recession Gearbox model


Having come from the world of investment banking, working on mergers and acquisitions, Jonathan Slain has seen firsthand how businesses with successful leadership mistakenly hit plateaus. Now, working exclusively with founders, owners, CEOs, and management teams, Slain uses that experience to help best-in-class companies worldwide achieve their vision of success. Whether working with entrepreneurial niche/specialty firms or large corporations ($10M+ in annual revenue), the direction and insight Slain imparts positions businesses to advance to levels they dream about often, but rarely achieve on their own.

Paul Belair wasn’t scared when the Great Recession hit. He invested $1 million to purchase a business and just five years later sold it for over $70 million dollars. He achieved an American dream exit by using the Recession Gearbox model outlined in his new book, Rock the Recession, co-authored with Slain, to create an intentional recession preparation plan.

Belair is a CPA and an MBA, and currently serves as chair of the Young Presidents’ Organization Construction Industry Network.

Learn more about Rock the Recession at and on YouTube, as well as via Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. For questions please contact

Rock the Recession is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major booksellers.


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