Event marketing is critical to your business. Some will say, if done right, it surpasses your digital marketing efforts. It is important to realize;your live events can only be as impactful as the content presented. A keynote speaker is the one who can set the primary tone for your event. The keynote session can either make or break your event and it’s important to have the right speaker who can spark business transformation.

What makes a great keynote speaker?

Confidence and credibility is key when it comes to an effective keynote speaker. The audience should feel the connection to the speaker as if it were a normal conversation between a friend or family member. Often filled with humor and anecdotes, the keynote should engage the audience and leave them feeling motivated and accomplished after attending your event.

Benefits of a Great Keynote Speaker

A keynote speaker with strong expertise will not only resonate well with your audience, but also provide authority for your business and event. A strong expert in the field will offer a new perspective so that attendees will understand your message in a new light. A great keynote speaker should:

  • Be relatable, charismatic and creative
  • Offer meaningful information
  • Be active on social networks
  • Provide value both for your business and attendees

The keynote session should leave your audience inspired to connect with your business, helping you to thrive and leaving you one step ahead of competing events.

Your Keynote Search

It is important to start your search early as notable speakers will often be booked for months in advance. While searching for the perfect speaker, you should first know the objective of your event so that you can find the right individual that will support your goals. You should have an idea of what type of presentation you are looking for. Do you prefer someone edgy or more reserved? Do you want them to utilize props during the session or do you prefer no visual aids? These characteristics are all important to determine so that your chosen speaker will align with your vision, connect with the audience and most importantly, transform your business.

At Rock the Recession, our acclaimed authors, speakers, and business consultants, Jonathan Slain and Paul Belair, are keynote speaker business transformation specialist and are available to present to business-minded audiences across the country.

As your keynote speaker(s),your audience will discover the critical questions that need to be examined to turn your fears into well thought out decisions that can make the difference between a business going bust or accelerating its profitability, no matter the economic climate. Ready to prove to your audience your company’s worth? Reach out to our team to learn more!


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