This weekend, I was sitting outside at my house and got inspired by conversations that I had with several of my clients this week.

Due to Coronavirus, many of us are now leading and managing smaller teams. These circumstances are requiring our delegation skills to level up as we learn to do more with less.To that end, as you know, Paul and I both believe that leaders are readers. So, I went thru my bookshelf and picked out our favorite books on delegation. Attached is a picture of the spines so you can grab a copy of whichever interests you.

A sentence about each one in no particular order:

  1. High Output Management – I’m in the middle of this one right now!It’s from Andy Grove, CEO of Intel about how he led that organization to greatness.In it, he talks about delegating and leadership and management.He speaks more tactically than I would have expected. Plus, I love business biographies because they are more fun to read and so accessible!
  2. The One Thing –A perennial favorite among business book junkies like me.Think about how to keep simplifying everything in your life and those you manage.
  3. The 4 Disciplines of Execution – This book has great tactical management tips.What to delegate, who to delegate to and how to hold people accountable.4
  4. Measure What Matters – For those of you that are C’s on the DiSC profile, you’re going to love how this author uses numbers to drive results.5.
  5. Deep Work – If you feel like all you do is return phone calls, answer emails, and process other people’s agenda items, this book should be at the top of your list.Deep Work and spending time thinking are what really drive value in our new knowledge economy!6.
  6. Rock the Recession –Yes, this is my book and shameless self promotion…However, I do discuss a lot of thoughts on creating a culture of productivity and accountability from everything that I’ve learned conducting over 100 Traction sessions a year!
  7. Traction – Please re-read the section of the book on how to delegate and elevate!
  8. Work Rules – I love how this one uses data to help figure out the right places to focus our energy when it comes to our people and our time.

Knowledge is power. During these tough times, it’s important to stay focused. If you feel stuck in a rut with handling your business during this time, know that I’m here to help! Reach out today to schedule your free consult and I’d be happy to share insights to getting your business on track.