How successful entrepreneurs prepare for, thrive during and create wealth after downturns.


This is a downloadable workbook.


It has been our experience that zero hands go up when we ask a roomful of business leaders how many have a written action plan for the next recession. Plus, the majority of business leaders we survey believe the next recession will decrease their profits.

What drives us is helping business leaders figure out how to look forward to the next recession. Our approach is not about surviving downturns, rather it is the exact opposite. Our approach is all about how to put yourself in the best position to achieve success and create wealth before, during and after the next recession. We are all about creating uncontested market spaces and making the competition irrelevant by leveraging the massive opportunities created in recessions rather than spinning our wheels competing in existing market spaces to beat the competition.

Anyone who knows us knows we like speed – and peak performance. Just check out our company names (and be sure to ask Jonathan how he knows you can get a speeding ticket on the Autobahn!). In this workbook, we are going to show you how to achieve peak performance in the next recession, using it to acquire all the companies, talent, people and assets you want because your competitors didn’t prepare for the recession like you’re about to.


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