Rock Star Kit


Included in this kit, you get all of our greatest hits from!  Our Rock the Recession Workbook, Rock the Recession Book, Rock the Recession Tune-Up Kit, and 30-minutes with the lead singer of the band, Jonathan Slain!  Before the call, you’ll have a chance to review all of the materials, and together we’ll decide what to focus on during our 30-minute call (they usually run long!).  I’ll help you prepare to host a workshop at your company to Rock this Recession.  And, I’ll give you feedback on your recession plan.  Is it too severe?  Not severe enough?  Have you positioned your company for growth?  Are you doing everything you can to position yourself and your company to ROCK the recovery?

If you don’t get enough value from this purchase to justify the investment, I’ll immediately give you your money back.  No hidden terms nor conditions.


Includes a digital copy of the Rock the Recession Book, Workbook, Tune-up Kit, and a 30-minute Virtual Conversation with Jonathan to discuss your Company’s path to rocking the recession!  Click for details.  Money Back Guarantee!


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