Be Honest
Is your company recession proof?


There are a lot of companies wandering aimlessly with no plan for achieving breakout profit during the next recession. The Pit Crew has extensive experience and will lead you to separate your company from the pack.


Paul J. Belair | 10X CEO Coaching
the coach you need to increase your business performance, get peak performance out of your team, develop and execute the right growth and exit strategies, and avoid blind spots that could take your company into the wall. He will hold you accountable for personal and business growth.
• Accomplished an 83X return on investment in 63 months in a national specialty contracting firm he ran for over 15 years with annual revenues topping $120 million with over 10%EBITDA margins.

Jonathan Slain | Autobahn Consultants
the expert on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® you want “on your team.” As an EOS Implementer™,
he focuses on helping specialty contractors get what they want from their businesses. He spends over 100 days a year implementing Traction® with teams just like yours.
• Practices what he preaches having used Traction® to run his own entrepreneurial ventures including his award winning franchises and!


Jade Chang Sheppard

Gideon USA
YPO member

Jonathan and Paul have been my dream team to grow Gideon USA. Working with Jonathan, we’ve clarified our vision, simplified our scorecard, and our meetings have gone from boring to Wow! Along the way, Paul has provided strategic guidance and helped ensure we’re working on the right goals to take Gideon to the next level.

Chris Johnson

CEO & Founder
Hollister Construction Services
YPO Member

Paul is a Bad Ass who has positively impacted me and my team in a big way. He helped us deal with the tremendous growth we are experiencing.I recommend you use him to figure out how to improve!

George Hohman

Founder & Owner
EO Member

Paul has transformed how I look at my business and my role. He coached me to take on the chief revenue officer role and supported me throughout the process. Now, under my leadership, my company is growing and achieving record profits! Thank you, Paul!

Ryan Murray

Orion Interiors

Paul has done it all before in commercial contracting and after growing his business to over $100 million, he realized an American Dream exit with a crazy return. My business has grown 73% since I started working with Paul! He got me to plan for the growth and build a quality team to support it. I’m now working smarter and my team is focused on continuing to improve our processes. He has 10X’d our relationship for sure!

Mark Hancock

Founder & Owner
Camelot Homes

Before Jonathan, our homebuilding company in Scottsdale was doing pretty good, but since Jonathan joined our team, it’s added rocket fuel to our vision, values, and company meetings. We’ve never been so confident that we’ll hit our big hairy audacious goals. And, I’m always surprised at how fast the days with Jonathan go by!


President & CEO Charles Hall Construction

Paul grasps strategic business concepts and frames them in a simple way to build consensus on the best path forward. He brings a powerful combination of deep contracting knowledge, financial expertise, and value-added facilitation skills to every relationship.