Weekly Roundup of Recession Articles

As economic indicators boil, plunging and surging wildly, talk of recession follows in the media.

How Donald Trump Is Shaping The Next Global Economic Recession

His policies have both raised the risks of a new global recession while seriously weakening the government’s ability to deal with it when it comes.

What Is a Recession and What Causes It?

In a recession, we would see back-to-back quarters where the growth rate is actually negative – the economy actually contracts. It shrinks. Maybe we’d …

From Economic Crisis to World War III

Project Syndicate
The response to the 2008 economic crisis has relied far too much on monetary stimulus, in the form of quantitative easing and near-zero (or even …

A Chinese recession is inevitable – don’t think it won’t affect you

The Guardian
As bad as a slowdown in exports to China would be for many countries, a significant rise in global interest rates would be much worse. Eurozone …

Market Indicators That Foreshadow the Next Recession

One of the leading indicators foreshadowing the next recession is a break in market correlations. Correlations are inherently unstable and when …

Justice Department sues UBS over mortgage bonds before the recession

The Justice Department said it’s suing UBS UBS, -2.01% over the sale of residential mortgage-backed securities from 2006 through 2007, just before …

How Gold Outperformed Stocks During The Last Recession

Well, if we look at the last time around for a recession — in that 2006 to 2010 period — one of the best performing assets involved a well-known …

Impact of recession on nine-year-old children evident – ESRI

A new study which looked at the lives of nine-year-olds shows poorer outcomes for children from lower socio-economic backgrounds. The Growing Up …

The global impact of a recession in China

The Boston Globe
When China finally has its inevitable growth recession — which will almost surely be amplified by a financial crisis, given the economy’s massive …

What the next financial crisis will look like, according to one fund manager

‘The next crisis is not likely to be another Lehman, but another Japan — a widespread zombification of global economies to avoid the pain of a large …